NEW WEBSITE... and other stuff I like

I've finally, after much back-tracking and dawdling, got around to redoing my website, check it out. I won't be messing around with it too often so I'll be using this blog to post up any news and/or nonsense I have...for instance:

Looks like I'll be doing some art type graffiti stuff at this year's Electric Picnic Festival at the end of August. I'll be joining some other very talented artists and most excitingly of all a possible reunion of the the Tender Trio(myself, Christian Reeves and Brooklyn exile, Stephen Kelleher). Screw the Sex Pistols and My Bloody Valentine, this would be the biggest comeback of the weekend. Also...

Scott Pilgrim, Rating: Awesome. Completely randomly came across this brilliant comic by Bryan Lee O'Malley and then quickly devoured all four volumes. I urge you to do the same, it's become one of my favorite things ever. Word of advise, don't read the blurb on the back, just dive in and be surprised. And...

The Man who was Thursday by G. K. Chesterton; imagine Sherlock Holmes meets James Bond, written by Flann O'Brien. Yes it's that good. Between this and Scott Pilgrim I've regained fate in the world.

Next time I may have some actual illustration to post up. BC


Hello all, this is my blog where I'll be putting up some work, sketches and anything which generally amuses me. To start off I've a bunch of recent stuff to get things rolling.
This is from the July issue of Totally Dublin. It accompanies an article, writen by Mr. Conor Creighton, about an evening he and I spent (voluntarily) at an A&E. Needless to say some oddness was witnessed, but to be fair both his article and my illustrations embelish reality a little.

Another poor A&E customer.

The most impatient chap in all the A&E.

This is my piece from the recent CandyKaraoke show at Monstertruck Gallery. The show featured over 70 creative types riffing on their favorite record cover. I could chose no other than Doolittle by The Pixies, which featured stunning original artwork by Vaughan Oliver. No beautiful photographic collages for me though, I simply did a painting of the cover's monkey, happy now that a labotomy had removed all his troubles. To see all the other work from the show head over to Candy's flickr page.

For their stall at the recent Taste of Dublin fair, Barry's Tea invited some illustrators to customise a teapot. My effort featured Little Red Riding Hood chasing a jolly wolf on one side, and then the two of them taking a break for a cup of tea on the other side.

Ok, that's easily enough for a first post. I will try and have something new go up every month or thereabouts. Be good, BC