Shrunken Head

Next month sees my first proper solo exhibition. It opens on the evening of the 5th February in the fantastic Monstertruck Gallery and Studios on Dublin's Francis street. Entitled 'Shrunken Head', the bulk of the show will be a series of portraits of alter egos, pen names, second identities, fictional characters etc. Needless to say my old friend the Sloth will be making an appearance. I'm hoping a few 3D additions will come together in time as well...


Naughty Physics

Happy New Year. Been meaning to post this for ages. It's my piece from the Allied Irish Bank 2009 Calender. For this year's date displaying extravaganza they had a selection of Irish illustrators create something based on a place/location of hidden interest. I picked a hill hidden amongst the Comeraghs, near the Mahon Falls, somewhere in county Waterford. This hill reputedly has the curious ability to cause an idle car to roll uphill. UPHILL.
Anyway the pic explains this oddness with a cross-section of the hill revealing lots of faeries with a giant magnet. Naughty Physics.

The calender features a great selections of curiosities and creativity from other illustrators. Go into a bank and hassle them till they give you one or have you arrested.