A while back I was asked by Mr. Tom Wild to submit a couple of pieces to a book of illustrative work he was putting together for his degree project. The theme was vaguely dreams or dream-like stuff. Well it's finally all printed up and ready to be ordered by you and/or your design company!
Hardback will be around £60, paperback around £40
Have a look a here:
http://www.tomwild.co.uk/lucidity/photos.zip - (53mb) 12 HQ pics of the prototype book
and here:
http://www.tomwild.co.uk/lucidity/index.html - (13mb) Full online version of the book.
to confirm that you want it.

There's really some great work in there (as well as my doodles).
Hat's off to Tom for all the hard work putting it together.


Monk or Drunk

Wow 2 posts in one day!!!

Did this a few weeks back but forgot to post it up, it's for a new ad campaign for Paulaner beer featuring illustrations from myself, Mr Colm MacAthlaoich and Sir Brenb. We each got a curious anecdote from the history of Paulaner to illustrate.

Mine was on the incident where Medieval Munich was severely thrashed by a mob rioting over rising beer prices. One of the few buildings to remain untouched was the Monastery where Paulaner was brewed, so beloved was the said brew.

I like beer too.
Here it is as part of the finished poster.

SCOOP: Mr Cat, the negative ghosts have escaped again!

Here's the piece I've just done for the upcoming charity exhibition/auction organised by the good folks at SCOOP. It's a simple pen and ink number, not a computer in sight. A girl and a cat-headed zookeeper chase after some escaped mini negative ghosts. As it's for charity I can insist that it's worth millions.

Here's some info on the auction and it's impressive line-up.

The SCOOP Art Auction is now pencilled in for the Sunday the 5th of July, in the Pygmalion Bar and Powerscourt SC on South William St and we are getting busy putting together the most diverse and talented collection of artists and artworks ever seen in our capital. We will launch the event with some free plonk on Tuesday the 30th of June in Pygmalion, and will have all pieces on show in the days running up to the auction.

So far we proud to announce that we have such artists (in alphabetical order) as the world famous hip hop photographer B+ (Brian Cross), Bren B, Gaetan Billault, Fergal Brennan, Sarah Brownlee, Brock Butler, Bob Byrne, Paul Byrne (aka Poncho), Tom Byrne, Antonia Caffrey, Alan Clarke, Brian Coldrick, Brioni Connolly, Eugene Conway, Hugh Cooney, Darragh Crotty, Danleo, Nina Divito, Karen Donnellan, Jason Dunne, Killian Dunne, Emile, Maurice Fitzgerald, Natasha Gavrilovic, Giita Hammond, Paul Kunle Harris, Tommy Headon, Jane Hilliard, Sarah Hurl, Myra Jago, Dillon Joyce, Jane K, Mo Kelly, Jacqueline Leddy, Brian Lynch, Ramon Kassam, Lauren Kavanagh, Al Kennington (aka Synth Eastowood), Elizabeth LeJeune, Ingrid Lyons, Aine Macken, Jose Manuel, Maser, Conor McGrath, Lisa McKenna, Noel Mealy, John Mernagh (aka The Chemist), Emmett McGlincy, Morgan, Ailbe O'Connell, William O'Neill, Bernice Prendiville, Shona Pfeiffer, Ruth Power, Ribo, Sheila Rennick, Peter Scroope, Sarah Shiel, Slik Blik, Shane Sutton, Christopher Sweeney, David Sweeney, Dave Uda, Keith Walsh and Jenny Watkins already on board.

Head to www.myspace.com/scoopcharity for more info