A while back I was asked by Mr. Tom Wild to submit a couple of pieces to a book of illustrative work he was putting together for his degree project. The theme was vaguely dreams or dream-like stuff. Well it's finally all printed up and ready to be ordered by you and/or your design company!
Hardback will be around £60, paperback around £40
Have a look a here:
http://www.tomwild.co.uk/lucidity/photos.zip - (53mb) 12 HQ pics of the prototype book
and here:
http://www.tomwild.co.uk/lucidity/index.html - (13mb) Full online version of the book.
to confirm that you want it.

There's really some great work in there (as well as my doodles).
Hat's off to Tom for all the hard work putting it together.

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