Too much stuff for one title

Hello all, a variety of stuff and nonsense to post up this time round.
To start off I'll go back in time in the Electric Picnic festival at the end of August. I finally have a couple of photos of stuff. Both are of the same fellow I drew on the back of a pink boat in the middle of a field. Crazy festival hijinks, whatever will they think of next. Anyway I did do other stuff but this guy was by far my favorite. He's a kind of victorian swimmer. His best feature were his little legs which were actual bits of the boat that stuck out at the back. There's more shots over at the flickr page of the inimitable Emma Price, who was also doodling for a free ticket AND actually took photos of her stuff. Wise.

(and yes that is me, oddly color coordinated with victorian bob)

Next up is a poster illustration for the Irish Youth Foundation's Children's Hour campaign. The idea is to donate the equivalent of an hour's wage to the charity. For more info head over to childrenshour.ie and iyf.ie

A while back I did a couple of banner illustrations for columns on the Bodytonic Music website. I recently did three more similar character pics after I was asked by one of the original column writers, Diesel Weasel, to come up with Sky Clown, Parsley Panda and Seal of Approval.

Another recent interesting job was coming up with an elaborate 30th birthday card for a friend for her fellow (and now fiance, congratulations). It's basically an update of the 25 card I'd previously done(it's on my site), but a lot looser in style and random facts. Fun (if a bit of a headache) to research.

And finally, as I recently got a new camera, here's a photo of the Sloth, wearing a stylish cravat and pondering the nature of toast.

That is all.


Anonymous said...

Yes yes . . . but what does it all MEAN???

Anne said...

nice cravat! :)