West Shoe Forward

This is a job I completed a while back but the campaign has just launched so there's no better time to post it up. It's one of a new series of posters for Asics shoes called Left and Right. Each poster represents two halves or opposites (so Art/Science, Up/Down etc), with one shoe of the pair planted in each half. I was working on East/West.

The poster went through several stages of development, as there was lots of discussion about what elements best represented each hemisphere. First up was this rough with the central image being a figure for each half; eastern girl and western boy. Underneath them were lots of circle icons of various cultural references.

I did one more streamlined version of the figures -

-before it was decided that the smaller icons alone would work best. They became a central floating compass thingie

Then they were finished up to this (where 'east/west' has become 'west/east' to sit better with the compass idea)

Which went through one last round of tinkering to become the finished poster-

I always find it odd just how different a finished job can be from an initial concept, especially when several people's input has shaped how it's developed.

You can catch the other posters in the series here.


Anonymous said...

Dope duder!

Brian Coldrick said...

Thank you sir! I'll be seeing you soon.