Gay Rod Weed

GCN, the Gay Community Newsletter, is not immune to the current economic woes of the nation and so a fundraiser exhibition is taking place in the Front Lounge on Temple Bar's Parliament street. I was kindly asked by the esteemed Mr. Will St. Leger to put something into the mix. The show's titled 'Under the Influence' and so I leaped at the chance to do a shameless but loving impression of one of my favorite influences, Edward Gorey.

If you're not familiar with Gorey's work I can't recommend him enough. His pictures create a atmosphere, humour and tone, regularly imitated but rarely pulled off (stand up Mr. T. Burton). Masterpieces like "The Ghastlycrumb Tinies", where a child for every letter of the alphabet meets a gruesome rhyming death, are sure to raise a smile. But seek out other books, like the wordless "The West Wing", which is brimming with his skill of composition and the implied weird.

Here's my paltry rip off, entitled 'The Beginning of the End":

Now unfortunately I was away for the launch of the show last Friday and I'm now too late to inform you in time but you can do almost as well as attending by watching this. Get down there and buy something.

Oh and 'Gay Rod Weed' is my attempt to recreate Gorey's love of anagrams of his name. If you can do better, answers on a postcard.


Anonymous said...

You're a ledge Mr. Coldrick. Here's a video report on the 'Under the Influence' art expo http://bit.ly/d4rHEK

David said...

Dad Wee Orgy

Sounds like fun


David said...

War Eyed Dog
War Eyed God
Raw Dyed Ego
Raw Eyed Dog
Raw Eyed God
Raw Edgy Doe

and my favourite.....

Wary Odd Gee

Nice work fine gent, talk to you soon


Brian Coldrick said...

Excellent work Lord Foggleton. Excellent.