Bow Down to the Exit Sign

I'm very happy to announce an upcoming show of brand new doodles and scratches by myself and the great James Kirwan and Christian Reeves. It takes place next month in Monstertruck's swanky new gallery in Templebar.
James and Christian are amazingly talented artists and old friends and I'm chuffed to be sharing the bill with them. Here's the full release blurb and promo doodad:

The Temple

Brian Coldrick
James Kirwan
Christian Reeves

Monster Truck Gallery
July 17th – 27th

Opening reception Friday 16th July, 6pm – 8pm

An exhibition of new work by Brian Coldrick, James Kirwan and Christian Reeves. Taking note of the cast of characters and situations to be found in the heaving mass of subcultures, pilgrims and image worship at the swirling center of the modern city, the three artists have created a host of paintings, drawings and 3d work which pokes an eye at the robes, sacrifices and symbols of those who bow down at the temple of the city. Penitent drunks, merciless hen nights, iconic goths, preachy chuggers, awestruck tourists all weave their way in and out of the early houses, late bars, hipster stores and head shops that make up the city's sanctuaries and apses.

Having exhibited widely individually, this is the first time the three artists have worked together on a show. The Temple will see not only new work from the trio but a series of collaborations merging their styles and mirroring the melting pot of the city center.

Brian Coldrick

Brian is a freelance illustrator and artist based in Dublin and London. A lifetime spent reading comics, watching films and goofing off has led to an eclectic set of influences with Edward Gorey, Max Rebo and Flann O'Brien all swimming around his brain. Work can vary from stuff that ends up on telly, to drawing pictures on a stage in front of a drunken crowd. Commercial work is balanced with personal projects, be it sloth-themed board games or free magazines with no words. As an artist he has exhibited widely and frequently. Haven taken part in numerous group shows and collaborations, February 2009 saw his first solo show, "Shrunken Head" take place at Monster Truck, Francis Street.

James Kirwan

Since graduating from NCAD in 2005, James has exhibited in many group shows in various places such as Monster Truck, Temple Bar Gallery, Film Base and the RDS Art Fair. He has had two-person shows with close friends Deirdre Byrne and Christian Reeves with whom he also lived with and set up Across the Way Gallery and Studios in Kinsealy House, north County Dublin. ATW ran for three years and housed three successful group exhibitions, one of which was in collaboration with Monster Truck Gallery. MT also held James’ first solo show in 2008 called ‘I’m (not) doing really well’. James likes to draw, paint and make collages.

Christian Reeves

Since graduating from N.C.A.D. in 2004 Christian has exhibited in various places across Ireland in spaces ranging from prestigious galleries such as the RHA and Temple Bar Gallery & Studios to seedy nightclubs and derelict barns. Christian was part of a collective of artists who formed Across The Way gallery in Kinsealy House north County Dublin where he worked and lived for three years.
Drawing influences from graffiti art, politics, skateboarding, religion and nature to create his work, Christian’s first solo show "trendy nonsense" ran in Monster Truck studios in April 2009.

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