Oktober Festering Monsters


Following on from a previous illustration job I'd done along a similar style for Paulaner, I recently did this piece to celebrate Paulaner's long history with Oktoberfest, the festival celebrating giant glasses of beer. It depicts the origins of the event, namely the wedding reception in 1810 of the Crown Prince in a field outside Munich. Instead of a run of the mill wedding anniversary he decreed there would be a festival each year to commemorate the occasion. A massive annual knees-up definitely beats an annual dinner and a movie with the increasingly older Princess. Here it is in full:

And here it is with the fancy Paulaner Graphics:


A very different recent piece of work was coming up with some character designs for The Spenglers, a family of giant hairy blue monsters who are currently to be seen promoting Sky Plus. I was one of several artists working on their look, and while the finished characters are a combination of various designs, there's still some of my original messy doodles in there.

By far the biggest geek joy I've had on a job of late, was to see the finished four giant hairballs strolling about on the set of one of the commercials. The costumes were made by the talented folk at Millennium fx and I now wish everything I drew was to be laboriously turned into a walking, talking reality by them.

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