My close personal friend Lady Gaga

Double post part 2: Her Ladyship's square chin.

This part is all dedicated to Lady Gaga as I recently did a bunch of concept design for the good folks at Millenium fx who were working on some prosthetics for her latest video "YoĆ¼ and I".

I can't claim any real say in the final look of the mermaid tail, that was much more down to the incredibly talented sculptors at Millenium, but the gills did come out like the slash ones in my doodle. In the end they made up some spare molds and they stylishly stuck some gills to her cheeks as well. Nice.

I did much more stuff for her cyborg parts. You can see below the various stages of her arm and neck pieces. They're in vaguely chronological order so you can see them go from really glam to mechanical to finally somewhere else. Once again after my initial drawings all the hard work was done by the sculptors and the folks on the shoot, but I like that the weird chin block made it to the final video.

You can also see in the pics how, as things progressed, I spent less time on suggested hairstyles and then even colouring when time became tight. The work rate of everybody involved turning around such a complicated shoot was pretty impressive.

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