Here are some concept sketches I did for Millennium fx for things which popped up on recent episodes of Doctor Who.

First up is the spoonhead/robot/girl/creature from "The Bells of Saint John". It was supposed to look very functional and not too stylised. The design is pretty much what made it the episode but it only had a very brief full shot onscreen.

Next up are some early designs for the Vigil, the evil robot/monk/alien. Being a robot monk, there's a heavy reference in some of the earlier images to Deadlock from 2000AD's ABC Warriors. 

In the second round he goes a bit more steampunk. The final design used wasn't one of mine but I'm very fond of the creepiness of number 5 below. Hopefully I'll find some use for him at a latter date.

The Vigil that made it to the screen were from designs by Brooke Dibble, which you can see here along with lots of her other great work.

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