Ok, so I probably should have put this up before the show opened but anyway...

Myself and the unstoppable Colm MacAthlaoich organised a show as part of the Dublin Fringe Festival, called IMMATATE. The show opened at MonsterTruck Gallery & Studios last Thursday. The basic idea for the exhibition was to invite creative professionals such as architects and designers to create a piece of modern art. As you can imagine this led to a wonderful eclectic mix of mix being on display.

For my sins I attempted to make a Zoetrope, a simple animation device, and make animations where very little happened. All a tongue in cheek riff on the anticipation and ultimate disappointment which seems to go along with much video art. Unfortunately my craftsmanship consisted of a nail through some cardboard so all that could be seen was a grayish blur. But luckily (and I feel in keeping with the creative process behind modern art) I had titled the work 'Disappointing Zoetrope', so it seemed as if I had intended it not to work all along. Hooray!

Here are animated gifs of the three sequences I made (click them for motion based fun):

The Sloth watching TV,

An unfulfilling Jack-in-a-Box

And a simpleton admiring a Zoetrope.

In other news the Electric Picnic went spiffingly (from what I remember). I'll dig up some photos for the next post.

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