To say nothing of the Dog

I've just done a couple of pieces for the good folks at HKM (who put out Totally Dublin) for one of their other magazines, the business/entrepreneur type SelfMade magazine. First up for the cover, being quite sound and deadly, they let me draw a crazy robot. He's 'self-making' lots of various things out of the gloop that passes along the conveyor belt below him.

The products tie in with some of the articles in the mag, bulbs for energy saving, tree for eco-friendly gardening (or something along those lines). But the little happy triangle character ties in with my other illustration for the same issue.

The article was about the difficultly with bringing in skilled labour from abroad because of the hassle associated with getting work visas. This somehow became lots of triangle guys not being able to fill a triangle hole because of the circle doorway they had to pass through. Strange. It also all takes place in some kind of Japanese walled garden. It was pretty late when I drew it up so maybe that explains the general oddness of it all. Still fun though.

And a happier scene for the smaller spot pic.

Ahhhh. Cute shapes.

There's also October's eye on dublin for Totally Dublin Magazine. It bizarrely came to my attention that I've never done one based around Halloween, so here you go. Scary hoodie kids giving the classic monsters a hard time.

Ahhhh. Cute monsters.

And for this post's stuff I like section it's 'Three Men on a boat, (to say nothing of the dog)' by Jerome K. Jerome. I read it in a couple of sittings while minding an exhibition.

Over a hundred years old but still very funny and sharp, like some kind of Victorian 'Withnail and I', without all the booze and drugs.

Over and out, BC

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Anonymous said...

Loving those krazy noises from your jazzy pencil. Yes, I mean it in multiple ways. The triangles and circles illustration had me LOLing out loud - you should do all your stuff late night after watching 14 hours of Countdown.

Bone someone on my behalf, thank ye.