Sexy Mo

Just a quick post to say the piece I did for the tie-in Movember exhibition of moustache inspired art is up on ebay, along with all the other amazing arts. You can bid for them HERE. And you can see all the work in the South William bar on (logically) south william street.
My piece features a gaggle of buxom brunettes, knackered after an energetic orgy with a large moustache:

Have to take this opprtunity to sing the praises of Offset last weekend. Amazing to get the chance to see people like James Jean, Dave McKean and Tara McPherson speak about their work here in Dublin. Big thanks to those who came along to my talk on Sunday and a massive thanks to Richard, Peter and Bren at the Small Print for all their work organising such an extravaganza.


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Rico said...

Very elegant... and funny.