Battles, games and where's wally...

I've a real mixed bag of stuff to post up starting with some photos of the recent round of Secret Wars, the live drawing competition. It took place on the Friday of the weekend of the Offset conference/festival, in the very jammed and very raucous beer garden of the Bernard Shaw pub in Portobello. I was on the Offset team in the highly esteemed company of Chaz from the London Police and Serge Seidlitz, and then joined along the way by Bob, the other half of TLP, and Tara McPherson.

General Mayhem
Our wall o'art
Unwell Slothie

Despite the skills of this A-Team of doodling (and me), we lost out to our formidable rivals on the night, the Secret Wars team of Stephen McCarthy, Mick Minogue and Dan Leo. Darn.

This defeat does at least provide me a neat link to my next picture, my piece for the 'Toys of Christmas Past', a show at the Little Ghost Gallery which was recently set up in Kilkenny by the previously mentioned Mr. Minogue. The show opens on the evening of Friday 11th. My piece is called "The Social Network", and is an homage to the gloriously unsocial Christmas gift that was the Gameboy.

Who needs friends when you have Mario.

Here's the end result of a project that started over a year ago and is now out and about in the world. I had to illustrate the results of a survey of kids on their local library which was put together by the talented Ms Jennie McGinn for Kildare Library and Arts Services. It takes the form of a Where's Wally-ish cross section of a fantastical Dream Library which combined all the kid's suggestions, from study areas to underground raves.

This illustration was on one side of a newspaper style print out which had lots of info on it and was also illustrated and designed by me. Unfortunately I don't have this at hand as I recently dropped my back up hard drive. Clever. I'm saving up to have everything on it recovered (hopefully).

More soon.


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