Kali armed, labyrinthine, over socialised thetans.

Happy New Year. It's now February but I'm allowed say that, right?
Here's a couple of caricature commissions I did over the Christmas period. Don't usually do this but I had a bit of spare time (or at least I thought I did).

First up is a chap named Mario (hence the plumbers pipes and mushroom) and his multiple interests in his multiple arms.

Next up is Tadhg, whose stable of interests included, amongst other things, Stanley Kubrick films and photography. I zeroed in on these on it allowed me to research and recreate the labyrinthine pattern on the carpets from The Shining. Confusing.

Up next is something done at least this calendar year. Two intrepid friends of mine, the estimable Mr. Steve Ryan, photographer of the year and Mr. Conor Creighton, chronicler of the continent have taken it upon themselves to set up the Unoffical Embassy of Ireland in Prishtina, Kosovo. As part their excellencies' adventure they've asked some of their associates to make and send them a postcard which describes Ireland to those unfamiliar with the emerald island.
For my effort I tried to visualise the strange social phenomenon that no matter who you meet you seem to have at least one friend in common. Perhaps even a Mexican, a cat or a ghost?

Last but not least is a recent favorite of mine. A personal piece which muses what an associate of mine may look like as a thetan exterminator. No thentans were hurt in the making of this piece. If you're a scientologist, no offence meant.

More soon, to do with me potentially selling you things.

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eleanor said...

Tadhg is great! ha ha