Flea ridden Panda

Hello internet
I got to make the poster for this month's Dublin Flea Market. They've had an illustrious and eclectic variety of people create it in the past including the great Alan Clarke, Paddy Lynch and Stephen McCarthy. I decided to do it as a fake fashion mag cover. Some sort of forgotten pun about accessorising was the starting point. Anyway it gave me an excuse to look at issues of various, stylish, vacant gold like id and dazed and confused. And here's the result, complete with dog ears and frayed edges:

I'll also have a stall at the Flea Market itself. I'll be flogging a selection of wares; posters of some of my favorite piece, some paintings and some doodads all at rock bottom prices. ROCK BOTTOM! Thought that deserved capitals and an exclamation mark. If you're around Dublin this Sunday it's all to be found in The Co-op on Newmarket square. It's just off Cork St, Dublin's primary street for abandoned buildings and soulless apartments ...anyway, come down and exchange money for goods and services.

Coming up next week is the next exhibition curated by the good folks at "For the Love of..." There'll be live drawings shenanigans by some very talented folk at the opening, more info here. This time the theme is change and I've got a piece in the mix. It might be a clever commentary on the westernisation of China but it's probably just an excuse for me to draw pandas. It's called it "Panda Rok Panda", go buy it on friday.

Be good internet.

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